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  Kids Korner 


We are proud to introduce the “Kids Corner” A Designated Corner of the market setup for kid-based play & toys. Please keep an eye on your child(ren).

On June 1st at the Kids Korner, there will be a Plant a Seed Station set up. There will be volunteers there to help. Kids can come and fill a pot with soil, plant a seed in it, and then take it home with them to grow their very own plant! 

Donations for the Kids Korner were Provided by: 

  Musical Mayhem Jam Band

The market is a vibrant place to share music with great vendors and event days. The music aspect will be hosted by MUSICAL MAYHEM. – Open Jam Band. It is a open jam and open mic format hosted by local musicians who range from beginners to old hands. Anyone that wants to play, sing or just provide rhythm support is welcome to participate. Bring your acoustic instruments and favorite songs along and join in the fun.. All music should be acoustic (we have limited access to power at the market ) and  appropriate for an all ages event. Thank you and hope to have you out to share in the festivities. 

  Guest Speakers 

Rosemary Taylor- time: 10:00am “Timing is Everything”

Rosemary recently edited and published “ Seven Sisters:  Ancient Seeds and Food Systems of the Wabanaki People and of the Chesapeake Bay Region by Frederick M. Wiseman.”

Rosemary has a background in education, pure science (Msc) and alternative medicine, in particular, homeopathy. From 2000 to 2015 she devoted time and energy to community gardening, large-scale composting and organizing local food markets. Since then, she co-teaches a biodynamic course with her colleague, Kathryn Aunger.

Rosemary with Earth Haven Learning Centre partnered with Calabogie Summer Market to present a 45min educational course ( Timing is Everything ) at the market June 1st free for all that attend. Timing is Everything will explain paying attention to solar, lunar and planetary rhythms, you will understand the right times for planting, pruning. weeding and harvesting. Earth Haven Learning Centre will also have a booth at the market June 1st. Selling a wide array of books and celestial planting calendars.

Learn more or contact through their web link: www.earthhavenlearning.caor facebook page:

Tom Marcantonio time: 11:15am “Urban Agriculture”

Tom is a Master Gardener, who has been designing, building and advocating for organic home, community, and school gardens for forty years. His love and passion for the land manifests in the  growing, preparing, preserving and celebration of the best food, grown close to home.

With a focus on ‘Healthy Food Skills’, Tom shares his experience with intensive, small-scale food production with schools, and many other community groups to people of all walks of life.. 

Born in an isolated, mountain top, walled village In Puglia, Italy, Tom learned from his family the skills to produce and preserve food that had been passed down over centuries.  These skills, and the reverence for the gifts of nature must not be sacrificed to a  modern, technological lifestyle.

There is a life force in Tom that is contagious and genuine. Whether you are new to gardening or well experienced, Tom can inspire the most natural instincts within us. Blending old and new approaches to the important work of providing life skills to future generations is helping to create more resilient local food systems. 

Tom has also been a Lead Oven Operator at the Bayshore Park Community Oven since 2014. Come out on June 1, meet Tom and share your passions for growing.

A recent CBC broadcast in the link below describes his school programs that brings new knowledge to inspire the next generation of farmers. A picture says a thousand words but this video speaks for a generation.


      Saturday June 1st, 9am to 1pm the market is located at the Calabogie Community Centre, under the roof of the ice rink, The open-air sides allow fresh summer breezes and natural light. The Facility has ample parking, accessible washrooms, baby change table thanks to Calabogie WI, picnic tables, and room for plenty of fun. The community property also has a kids park and lots of open green space to enjoy with your family. 


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